Meet Bailey:

Bailey has been at Basic Apparel since September of 2019, shortly after the grand opening of the store! Bailey serves as the Team Lead of Basic Apparel and is also the Junior Buyer and Marketing Content Designer for the Company. 


This is Bailey:

Bailey is 21 years old and a proud Paris native and North Lamar High School graduate! She is a student at Texas A&M University-Commerce where she studies early childhood through sixth grade education. 



 In her free time, Bailey enjoys baking, working out, and spending time with her friends and family and boyfriend. Summer is her favorite season because she LOVES boating and fishing, as well as spending her days by the pool.

Favorite thing to watch on Netflix or tv: Grey's Anatomy, Friends, and Jane the Virgin.

Favorite Food: Sushi or Baked Ziti! 

Favorite Drink(s): Chai Tea Lattes & COFFEE.  

Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing                          

Favorite Color: Yellow!!!



 Bailey's Favorites at Basic:

-Okay, of COURSE leggings are Bailey's number one FAV! Here are just two of her favorites.

-Another absolute MUST-HAVE is the USA Embroidered Cap! It is A DREAM. 

-Saving for the CUTEST of ALL: the Happy Happy Happy tee!



Here's the Scoop:

Bailey LOVES clothes, like it might be a problem. She loves being able to help her customers pick out the PERFECT outfit and loves seeing them feel confident in what they choose. The biggest part of this job to Bailey is building relationships with the people who walk in to the store! 

Bailey hopes to see you SO SO soon! In the meantime, be sure to keep up with her and ALL THINGS BASIC on Instagram!

  • @shopbasicapparelco

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  • Donna Ellis

    I have had the pleasure of watching Bailey grow into the amazing young woman she has become and could not be more proud of her. You could not have a better representative for your company.

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